New album: ‘From the Rear View Mirror’ on Cassette



My first memory of music is from a portable hand-me-down cassette walkman. I was given two tapes : Beatles’ Please Please Me, and Bob Dylan’s Freewheelin’. We went to the beach that weekend, and as a 9-year old kid looking out of the car window with seascapes passing, I began to acknowledge music, such as it is. The pleasure of sound. yes, ahhhhhhh, yes, what is this? and from a duck-taped headphones I hear Lennon crying, or singing : ‘the world is treeeeeting meeeee baaaa-aahhad, miiiseryyyyyyyyy.

That was really powerful.

Today, cassettes are making a beautiful comeback. and with the release of my new album, we’ve experimented with the old format. The new songs are all there, each track etched in magnetic tape side a side b, songs about the lovers, songs about recurring dreams, songs about— they’re all there, in a perfect vertical canvas.

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‘From the Rear View Mirror’

OUT EVERYWHERE on July 19 ’19



New songs to sing

If we saw each other last year on tour, it means that I was trying to be all over the place, restless and moving a lot, jumping from buses to ferries to hotels, up all night as if we didn’t need any sleep, singing, some kind of lyrical sobbing, suffering from my own delusions, playing harmonica, mostly.

It was a beautiful time to just travel around and see what everybody else is doing. All that speed around you and then it just stops.

I spent time in Bukidnon after the tour, sleeping, mostly. We stayed in a convent and lived with the priests and the nuns. They left me alone, and I was recording in solitude.

On the weekend you will hear two new songs. These songs are part of a new album that we are making.

I’m very excited. I hope you get to hear them.


The Sleepy Eyes Book Tour




9/20 Route 196, Quezon City
9/29 Buku Buku, Dasmarina
10/7 Satchmi, U.P. Town Center

10/13 Marina De Bay, Puerto Prinsesa

10/17 Dapip Foodpark, Laguna
10/19 Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Baguio City
10/20 Clean Beach Co. La Union
10/22 Sagada Cellar Door, Sagada
10/30 Studio 042, Baler
10/31 Museum of Philippine Social History

11/8 Ocean’s Telephone Co. Taguig
11/10 Suazo, Davao City

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Watercolor poster by Merben Garcia